Reference for GetScheduleStatus


HTTP Method: GET

HTTP Request Header Field: Authorization to string username:password

'PLANID' is a unique identifier which should have format like 8225c8ce-edca-4718-ad69-8ac0eb26c0e8

The client requests for the status of scheduling operation with id 8225c8ce-edca-4718-ad69-8ac0eb26c0e8 .

Then, the following is an example response Json body, as described here.

200 OK
	"Message":"String content",
	"Status":"String content"

HTTP responses may be returned by the server:

202 Accepted: Data not found for requested unique identifier.

400 Bad Request: Requested unique identifier is invalid format.

401 Unauthorized: User is unauthenticated to call the optimization service.

500 Internal Server Error: An error occured.